12 Essential Items You Need In Your Emergency Survival Kit

12 essential items emergency kit

There are various ways to build an emergency survival kit. While some items are almost always required, other essentials may depend upon whether there is a likelihood of earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding or fire. Nevertheless, here are ten essential items you need in your emergency survival kit. Keep in mind you never know whether you will be able to stay in your home, so it’s good to have these in a bag you can bug out with.

1. Firestarter

Emergency Survival Kit Matches

When disaster strikes, you may need to be able to start a fire for warmth, for cooking, and even for protection. Pack matches or a lighter. Even better is a magnesium fire starter, or Strike Anywhere matches. Be sure to keep your fire starting equipment dry by securing in a zipped plastic bag.

2. Knife

Emergency Survival Kit Knife

A pocket knife such as a Swiss Army Knife can be very useful, but consider packing a fixed-blade knife which is useful for its size and strength as a serious cutting tool.


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